Audrey Hepburn, an angel and his demons

The Liberty Bell was twitching.The show girl in the top hat and long red gloves, sitting on a globe, on the screen, lit up, went out, lit again, and the steel ball bounced off the four pinball machines with deceptive laziness, in an electronic ringing.The guy in front of me was playing calmly, never risking tilting.Dressed in a cream, tanned suit, this bald fifty-something exuded good humor., he looked at the flashing sign - "Same player shoots again" - and handed over a 20 centime coin, while the waiters at the Beaucour bistro, at the corner of avenue Hoche, scrambled to serve Gérard Oury and Louis de Funès, refugees in the basement.They were working on a scenario called "Rabbi Jacob".My opponent at the pinball machine gave them a little nod of the head in passing.Over the days of this summer 1973, a bond was born around the Liberty Bell allowed a few conversations - about the weather, the movies, music, girls in light dresses.And I learned, to my surprise, that this smiling man, champion in the pinball machine, was named Ray Ventura.He came from another time, another world, he was there.performer of "Everything is going very well, Madame la Marquise", of "What do you expect to be happy?" "And my favorite song," In mid-August ".He had produced and played with his orchestra - Ray Ventura & his Collégiens - perfectly forgotten but charming films:" Tourbillon de Paris "," Femmes de Paris "," la Jeune Folle ".And, above all," We will go to Monte-Carlo ", in 1952.It was during the filming of this insignificant comedy that an unexpected meeting took place:" Audrey Hepburn met Colette ", Ray told me.Ventura So I lost the current game.

Posted Date: 2020-09-16

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