Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical

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The Characters - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

A minimum cast would be approximately a dozen children, though there is no upper limit for the Chorus of Villagers. There are 10 solo singing parts, and 2 non-singing roles. There is an opportunity for younger children to be involved too, in a short nativity scene during one of the songs.

  • Papa Panov, shoemaker, the main character. Requires a strong performer, as he has solo parts in 11 songs  - solos, duets, trios and chorus numbers.
  • Narrator - also has an important role, but is not required to sing.
  • Young Papa Panov - has 2 songs.
  • Tatiana Panov (his wife), 
  • Martin Panov (his eldest son) & 
  • Simon Panov (his youngest son) share 1 song with Young Papa.
  • The Priest has 1 song, a duet with Young Papa.
  • Stepanich, a road-sweeper has a solo song that is reprised twice.
  • A Young Woman also has a solo song which is reprised twice later in the play.
  • Granny Adveich, candy-maker and 
  • Ivana, a poor girl share a duet, again reprised later.
  • The Voice of Jesus is a speaking part only. Only a couple of lines, but significant.
  • The Chorus of Villagers play an important role, with 7 songs in total.
  • Optional characters (singing): A Family, have one verse in one of Papa's songs. Song could be sung by the whole chorus. 
  • Optional characters (non-singing): Joseph, Mary, Innkeeper, Angels, Shepherds, 3 wise men, to act a mini-nativity scene during one song.

Now that you know a bit about the story and the characters, don't you think it's time to hear some of the music? LET'S GO!>>>
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