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Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical

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The Performance Package - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

Licence Agreement

The following is the text of the Licencing Agreement that forms part of the performance package. A couple of paragraphs which were duplications of information presented elsewhere on the site have been omitted for clarity. No conditions of the licence are included in these omitted paragraphs. 

Copyright for this work belongs to its author Alex Robinson. Unauthorised performance of this musical is prohibited. If you are the purchasing individual or institution you have copying and performance rights as outlined below. All other individuals or institutions are not authorised to perform this musical, and must not copy these documents. 

You should be aware that any version of "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical" that is offered on any website except or is unathorised and therefore illegal.

Printing and Photocopying Guidelines

Permission is hereby granted to the purchasing individual or institution to print and/or photocopy as many copies of any documents (or parts of documents) included in this authorized download as needed, subject to the following conditions:

  • Copies are made for use by the purchasing individual or institution, and for no other individual or institution;
  • All reasonable efforts are made to keep all copies within the possession of the purchasing individual or institution once the performance is completed. i.e. copies of libretti and word sheets will be collected from all children and staff after the performance;
  • If purchased by an institution, no individual working at that institution is authorised to use any copies for another group or institution that s/he may be involved with. Each group, individual or institution needs their own version of the Performance Package; 
  • Likewise if a teacher/staff member leaves the purchasing institution, and wishes to perform "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical" at their new school/group, the new school/group will be required to purchase their own version of the Performance Package.

Music Tracks:

  • Rehearsal Music mp3 files can also be copied subject to the same conditions outlined in the preceeding paragraphs. 
  • You are specifically not allowed to host the mp3 files on any publicly-accessed web-server. If you wish to make the rehearsal tracks available to your cast for home-use, you should purchase the "Group Access" add-on option, available on
  • "Backing Track Music mp3 files are not to be copied and/or distributed except to staff members that need them in order to lead rehearsals. A back-up "safety copy" can also be made.

Performance Licence
"Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical" comes complete with a performance license. 

  • It is a condition of this license that the full name of the musical, that is, "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical", will be used on all printed material regarding the performance, including but not limited to, programmes, posters, flyers and video cassette labels. "Papa Panov" (without "A Christmas Musical") is NOT acceptable.
  • The following acknowledgement must also appear. "This work is based on Papa Panov's Special Day, text ©1976 Mig Holder, published by Lion Publishing plc, and Where Love Is God Is, a short story by Leo Tolstoy."

You do not need to pay for an additional license unless any of the following conditions apply:

  • The musical will be seen by an audience exceeding 2000 persons during its run of performances.
  • Ticket prices charged will exceed £10/$15US (or equivalent) per ticket.
  • The performance will be videotaped with copies being sold for £15/$20US (or equivalent) or more per copy.
  • A commercial recording, whether audio or video is to be made of the musical, e.g. a recording that will be sold as a "stand-alone" product rather than as a memento of a performance.

If any of the preceding conditions apply, additional license fees will be charged. These will be negotiated on a per-case basis. Please contact the author, Alex Robinson, via the website

Legal Notice
The preceding conditions constitute terms of a contract between the purchasing individual or institution and the author, Alex Robinson. Your acceptance of the terms of this contract are implied by your continued use of the Performance Package, and/or your performance of "Papa Panov- A Christmas Musical".

If the terms of these conditions are not acceptable to you please contact the supplier for a refund. 


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