Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical

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Photos from a few past performances.

Homeschool Group from Cornwall, England

The Chorus of Villagers.

Papa Panov Sings

Papa Panov Cast

New Holland Mennonite School, Batesburg, South Carolina

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The Chorus.
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Papa Panov & the Young Lady

Park Avenue Church of Christ, Denison, Texas

All pictures taken by Donnie Reeves.

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A Happy Man - Papa Panov Happy Family Read this Papa At Jesus' Birth
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At the Manger The Wise Men Joseph Holds Jesus Stepanich - Cold and Alone
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Far From Home Granny Granny and Ivana Didn't You See Me
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Didn't You See Me, Papa Panov Hark the Herald Angels Sing The Sheep The Black Sheep
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The Sheep The Shepherd The Villagers Dance The Villagers Dance

Wellandport Christian School, Wellandport, Ontario

Papa meets a priest.

Part of the Christmas story.

Papa showing hospitality to Stepanich.

Papa with the Young Lady and her baby.

Granny Adviech and Ivana.

So He did come after all!

Horndean C of E Junior School, Horndean, England.
All pictures taken by Penny Plimmer.
Papa Panov working in his shop
Papa Panov working in his shop
The happy family
A happy family
Papa Panov sings
Why God?
Papa and the Priest
And works on his old Bible.
The nativity scene from the Christmas story
Nativity scene.
Stepanich the roadsweeper
Stepanich sweeping the road.
The Young Lady and her baby
The Young Lady sings to her baby.
Part of the Villagers' Dance
The Villagers' dance.
Granny Adveich fighting with Ivana
"You little thief!"
The whole chorus at the Finale
Triumphant finale.

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