Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical

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The Songs - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

What about the speaking parts?
To get a feel for the level of difficulty of the script and how the words flow, we are including one scene in its entirety below. You can also click on the thumbnail image of a sample libretto page (at right) to see the layout of an actual page from the libretto document. (Not full size. Lablled for clarity).

The following scenc takes place approximately half way through through the musical. It is farily typical of the level of complexity and the "flow" of the play. i.e the music is integral to the flow of the story, and the music often flows right out of spoken dialogue.

Scene 8

Narrator: (Papa's actions reflect the narration.)
So Papa Panov didn't go to sleep that night at all. He brewed himself some coffee, and sat in his old chair facing the shop window, waiting to see who would be the first person to come down the street. He was so excited by the thought of meeting Jesus, that his tiredness melted away and the night seemed to pass much more quickly than normal.
(Continued over...)

Stepanich's Song

Narrator: (speaking over introduction music) The first light was just starting to illuminate the town when Papa Panov spotted a figure coming up the street... (Papa Panov sits up in his chair, watching excitedly...)
(Action shifts outside. A man is coming up the road, shovelling (or sweeping) snow, looking very tired and cold, but determined to do his job. Once he gets close enough to be recognised by Papa Panov, Papa slumps back noticeably disappointed, and then gets up and busies himself making coffee.)

I'm cold and alone this Christmas day,
Keeping the streets and pathways clear,
Working so hard to keep others on their way,
But I'm tired and freezing out here.

The snow is hard and it's packed down tight,
There's a lot that needs to be cleared,
But until it's all done, then my job's understood,
And I have to stay out here.

It's a lonely job by myself in the cold,
But I'm used to being alone,
There's not many folk here who have much time for me,
They have families of their own.

I'd like to be tucked up in my bed,
Warm, safe and cozy sleeping there, I
've got to work out here in this bitter cold,
Won't somebody show me that they care?

Papa Panov: (from the door of his shop)
Hey there, old chap! It's Stepanich isn't it? Yes I thought so... Why don't you put that down for a bit and come in for a rest. You look half frozen. How about a nice cup of hot coffee, that'd do you good, eh?
Well you know, I don't mind if I do come inside for a bit. It certainly is cold out here. (He goes inside and tries to find somewhere to wipe off his boots.)
Papa Panov:
Oh, don't worry about your boots, I can clean up later! Come! Sit down!
Thank you very much.

Papa Panov:
Here's your coffee. (He hands Stepanich a mug of coffee. Stepanich drinks gratefully, warming his hands on the mug. Papa continues.) It's nice to have a bit of company and I'm sure you could do with a sit down. Happy Christmas Stepanich.
I don't know much about a Happy Christmas, I've still got to work keeping the streets clear for the rest of the villagers. But it's certainly good to be in out of the cold for a while. You're very kind. Mmm, this coffee is excellent. (He looks up to find Papa Panov looking anxiously out of the window.) Are you expecting someone? I'm not in the way am I?
Papa Panov: No, of course you're not. It's just that... well, I am expecting someone. It will probably sound strange to say it out loud, but I'm expecting Jesus Christ himself!
Papa Panov: (laughing)
I'll let you into a secret - for a moment when I saw you coming up the street right in the distance, I thought you might be him! What a silly old man I am.
Um, why are you expecting Jesus?
Papa Panov:
Last night I was reading my Bible... (to Stepanich) can you read?...
Stepanich: (shaking his head)
No, but Iive heard stories about Jesus.
Papa Panov:
Well, I may have been half asleep, but I think I actually heard Jesus' voice. He told me to expect him today.

Jesus Will Come - Reprise

Papa Panov:
Jesus will come,
He'll come to me,
He said he would,
He said I'd see,

He said to watch,
To see him come,
I'll see him yet,
In this poor home.

(Music continues under the next lines.)

Stepanich: (spoken)
Well I hope your dream comes true, Papa. But I really ought to be getting along now - the streets won't clear themselves you know. (He gets up and goes to the door.)

Papa Panov:
Happy Christmas, Stepanich.
Happy Christmas, and thank you.

Stepanich's Reprise

Stepanich: (sung)
I thank you kind sir for what you've done,
Taking me in to share your day,
Now I'm refreshed and I'm ready to go on,
With my sweeping and clearing the way.

(Stepanich leaves the stage. Papa Panov comes to his doorway, looking anxious.)

Papa Panov:
I hope I didn't miss Jesus. I'm sure I didn't miss anyone, but... Oh, if only I knew who to look for... (He goes back inside, and busies himself making some soup for his lunch.)

Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical. LIBRETTO


While the scene included above is just one small part of the whole play, you are reminded that copyright exists on all aspects of these materials, and they cannot legally be used for any purpose other than for evaluating the musical's style and suitability for your needs. Untitled Page


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