Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical

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What are people saying about the musical?

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The following are extracts of some of the letters, emails and comments that I have received from parents, staff members and others that have seen or been involved with the production of "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical".

Comments from Teachers, Music Coordinators & Directors

"Producing Papa Panov was the most amazing experience for everyone involved. The musical is beautifully written. It combines moving dialogue with a mix of catchy up-beat choruses and gentle solo melodies. 

"The musical is written in such a way that it enables the use of a large chorus and also gives opportunities for soloists. It was great to be able to put in a dance section to involve more children. 

"The children learnt the melodies very quickly and they were so infectious that they were to be heard in and around the school for months after the performance! 

"I have produced many Christmas musicals and never have I seen so many of the audience moved to tears. The finale gave me a shiver down my spine every time I heard it."

Lou Payne, Horndean Junior School, Hampshire, UK
Music teacher and veteran of a large number of children's musicals

"The "Papa Panov" performance was extremely successful in our school. It was a very successful "Asian Premiere"... Parents and colleagues and even our headmaster said it's been the best production we have ever had. The message was so powerful it touched the hearts of many. The children loved the play and they sang the songs nights and days."

Selana Kong
Christian Alliance International School, Hong Kong

"I helped direct Papa Panov-The Musical at my grade K-8 school. Our goal was to get all of the children in the school involved in the production. Because of the way the musical is written, we could be flexible with roles/parts and this allowed all 230 students to be in the play! 

"The children enjoyed the music- it was catchy, easy to learn, and yet the lyrics were very powerful. We especially thought the "finale" had a memorable and touching message. While rehearsing, we realized that our school had a copy of the book of Papa Panov in our school library. We shared the book with all the grades- it was neat to see that this musical was written from a "classic" well-loved story. Thank you!" -

Doreen Boersma, Grade 2 teacher,
Wellandport Christian School, Ontario, Canada

"We just finished our performance Sunday Night and had a wonderful response!!! People just loved the message. Many said was the best children's musical they had seen. The kids loved performing it as well. Thanks so much!!"

Dedra Schertz Children's choir director
Grace Evangelical Mennonite Church, North Carolina

"The musical was wonderful and one of the student's favorite that they have ever performed... Thank you so much."

Elaine Wengerd, New Holland Mennonite School, South Carolina

Comments from Parents, Grandparents, and other Audience Members

"My husband and I just felt we had to write and congratulate you after seeing your world premiere of "Papa Panov". What a lovely Christmas musical. We both came out after the performance feeling very moved and uplifted. It was so magical. The music and songs were brilliant and we could not get the tunes out of our heads. I was moved to tears several times. We felt important issues were dealt with sensitively. It was a very powerful and moving story, so well presented, with an important religious message."

Mr. & Mrs. Chris George, Horndean, England

"The performance was just a wonderful experience for everyone involved, audience and those in the play. The story is just so appropriate for this time of the year, or for that matter, any time of the year. I believe that the children involved will never forget the the experience or the moral to the story."

Donald M. Skelton, D.D.S. Denison, Texas

"My children simply loved the music.  The songs were very "catchy". My grade 2 and 3 children enjoyed preparing for the musical and very often I would hear them singing the songs to themselves. My 3 and 5 year olds are still singing the songs 3 months later. I also enjoyed the production". 

Elza Folkerts, Wellandport Christian School, Ontario, Canada

"We would like to tell you how much we enjoyed the first ever performance of your show 'Papa Panov' at Horndean Junior School, Hampshire, where our granddaughter played the part of Tatiana. The story was emotional and sad and yet most enjoyable. The singing and all the music was lovely, very catchy and most enthusiastically performed."

Josie and Bill Branscombe, Cowplain, Hampshire.

Comments from Pastors,or Other Ministers

"We had our performance last night and it was wonderful. We had numerous positive reactions and the kids did so well... We're thinking of making this a Christmas tradition here at Park Avenue."

Todd Catteau, Minister,
Park Avenue Church of Christ, Denison, Texas

"Sunday's performance of "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical" inspired us to see Jesus in everyone. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and all the kids for sharing their talents and this wonderful message with us."

"In an age of violence and hatred, Alex Robinson's message through music is a crucial one to give and hear."

Pastor Nick Cornelisse,
Former pastor at Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Ottawa

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